New Barley-Rice and Pea Protein Blend Attains PDCAAS Score of 1.0

Developing new food, beverage and sports nutrition products in 2022 is a bit like target practice. Product developers start with a target attribute or nutritional goal, then formulate a product designed to hit that target.

Today, the target is often protein as consumers have an insatiable appetite for more protein in their diet, in everything from a powdered sports drink to a high-protein food bar to even cookies. This protein craze has forced product developers and research and development teams to become experts in everything from PDCAAS scores to bio-availability.

It also spurred Osage Food Products and its SolvPro™ team to innovate in the plant-based protein space. Our newest protein product is truly unique in a crowded field of protein options. It’s a combination of barley-rice and pea protein that hits a variety of product development targets from a nutrition and taste perspective. Here’s why:

It’s a complete protein: Our new barley-rice and pea protein blend delivers a complete protein with a PDCAAS score of 1.0. It has all the essential amino acids at the appropriate amount for teens and adults. As consumer education on protein sources and nutrition grows beyond the number of grams per serving, offering a complete protein will become essential to meet demands.

It has high solubility: The barley-rice protein mix used in our new blend is ~98% soluble, which allows this complete protein to be used in liquid and dry applications. The high solubility also improves mouthfeel.

It has a neutral flavor: The flavor of the protein blend is best described as clean and neutral, giving it a significant advantage over other plant-based proteins that carry off flavors.

It uses upcycled ingredients: Our new protein source uses barley-rice protein from spent brewers grain (SBG), which is a repurposed ingredient that was previously destined for non-food uses. By using upcycled ingredients, this new protein blend is reducing food waste and creating a more sustainable food supply. Depending on the level of the blend used in a product, it may even qualify as certified upcycled food.

We’ve developed a true “unicorn”ingredient for the food industry, and our team of SolvPro protein experts are ready to help you formulate it into existing products or develop new products. Contact one of our experts today about SolvPro complete protein with upcycled ingredients.

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Barley-Rice and Pea Protein Blend Physical Characteristics

Flavor and Odor:
Clean/bland flavor

Appearance: Free flowing powder of uniform texture that is cream to light tan in color.

Ingredient Statement: Pea protein, barley-rice protein, natural flavors

Gluten Status: Product contains barley gluten but no wheat derivatives

Natural Status: Product is natural as defined in 21 CFR 101.22 (a)(3), and it does not contain any artificial substances.

Kosher Certified

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