Quality and customer service

are the keys to our success.

We understand that without our customers

Osage would not exist.

Osage Food Products is an ingredient supplier to the food and nutritional supplement industries.   Our primary product mix is proteins with an emphasis on dairy proteins.   Osage also provides dairy blends, cheese and milk fat products along with a variety of custom manufactured dairy products.  OFP Ingredients, our sister company in WI, offers agglomeration and blending services to the industry as well.

Along with our expertise in the dairy industry we also supply a variety of other ingredients for the food and nutritional supplement industry including plant proteins, fat powders, sweeteners and a variety of other products. Our experience in the food industry and our established relationships with manufacturers throughout the U.S. and the world allow us to be a valuable sourcing partner, assisting our customers in finding the products they need at competitive pricing.

In 2014 we introduced Osage Flavors to our customers.  Osage Flavors offers a wide variety of flavors to separate your product from the rest and every day we are creating unique and innovative flavor solutions. We take great pride in the many successful products Osage Flavors is a part of and the partnerships that we have built.

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to working with you.

Osage Food Products handles all of our business in a fun yet professional manner. From our sales team to our customer service staff you will find that working with us a treat, not a task. We conduct all business with strict confidentiality and strive to form strong partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

Our Principles

  • Represent all products with honesty and integrity
  • Conduct all business in a professional manner
  • Know more than your customers and always ask questions
  • Provide a value to both suppliers and customers

Our Values

  • Make no excuses
  • Never be satisfied
  • Have fun

Our Quality

When it comes to quality & food safety; we have implemented the use of SAP software so we have complete trace-ability of all the ingredients we sell.

We test our systems with bi annual mock recalls, and continually educate our staff on these matters & procedures.

History of Our Building

Built in 1876, by Robert Voss, this beautiful three story brick building was first used by the Bank of Washington from 1877 until 1880. After the bank moved next door, Voss opened a store named Voss Bazaar. Voss and his family lived on the 2nd floor until he died.

After 1910 the location became home to Kruel’s Store, a 5 and 10, which remained there until the mid-1950’s. It was then sold to Robert Miller who rented to the Art Center, who still occupies the lower level to this day.

In 2006, Osage Food Products, purchased the building and restored it to its original beauty and currently utilizes the upper two floors for business offices.



“We take great pride in the many

successful products &

partnerships that we have built”

-Bill Dickinson, President


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